The children at St. Joseph's wear their uniform with pride,

Children wear yellow polo shirts, green jumpers/cardigans and grey trousers or skirts.

Jumpers, cardigans, polo shirts  and fleece jackets embroidered with our school logo can be purchased from Logo to Go Tower Street, Hartlepool TS24 7HL. Telephone 01429 275890. The link below takes you to their online shop

Buy our uniform here

All items can be purchased from local shops and supermarkets without logos.

The following items are also available to buy direct from the school office,

  • Book bags
  • P.E. Bags
  • Swimming Caps

The school also have a range donated uniform available for parents at no cost. Families of children who transfer in year are offered a set of uniform so that their children feel the same as those in their class from their very first day.

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